frog Design
Talent Management System for a Global Design Firm
During the summer of 2016 I worked at frog Design in Seattle. The project I worked on involved designing a contractor management system for a large business consultancy. I designed and tested interactive prototypes using Axure and worked with visual designers to ensure consistency within the whole platform. My role included presenting work to the client both in person and over the phone. Due to the nature of this project only small portions of the work I've done is shared here and the name of the client has been removed from all wireframes. I'm happy to discuss my tasks and responsibilities further in person.
Wireframes and Interaction Models
These comps were made by visual designers to incorporate the overall platform styles and all the interaction models and sent to developers to implement in the application.
(Top) Interaction model for adding new expenses (Bottom) Choosing job codes using a system database to ensure accuracy.
While many of the interactions were simple enough to explain in the comps, others required more in depth flow charts.
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