In 2022 I joined Intelus, an AI and ML startup, to lead the experience design. At Intelus I worked primary on Duet, a no code natural language processing platform. I work directly with frontend and backend developers to ensure that designs are implemented correctly and that desired behaviors are possible within the scope of work. In addition to design I also plan and execute all of the user research
and usability studies for the company.

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Designing Duet required a high level of technical understanding of Machine Teaching and machine learning in order to effectively build a system that is approachable by general users. To achieve this I worked directly with subject matter experts to understand the technical aspects of the system, while also working with users to understand their perceptions of how Duet works.

Annotated mockups of the labeling experience for Duet's Entity Extractor.

One of Duet's core functionalities for teaching models is user created features. Features are words, groups of words, or relationships between words that help the model create meaning in the data set. Below are the annotated designs for adding or editing a feature. While most of my designs for Duet avoid using modal, adding or editing a feature is a workflow that needs to be completed before continuing to teach the model.

Annotated mockups of the feature editor modal.

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